Head hours – do you know what your billings target is?

If you have 6 people in your Account Service team, working to industry norm productivity levels, and billing at industry norms rates. Your optimum head hour billings will be around $100K per month.

The keys to achieving optimum billings are:

  • Using the right charge-out rate
  • Understanding your actual utilisation percentages,
  • And knowing how much you are playing for.

Call to action:

Review your own internal benchmarks against industry norms, understand your actual Account Service, and identify your optimum billing level. Come along on Friday to a lunchtime keynote hosted by Aquent, Firebrand, and VitaminT to learn more.

When I start working with an agency, we often discover that the gap is around $20K+ per month. That’s $240K+ a year! Straight to your bottom line.

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