It’s time to ‘gear up’ for the next five months of the financial year as we head towards June 30.

It’s also time to ask yourself “what did we do well?” and “what do we want to do differently?”  Let’s start by focusing on the key things you want to achieve.

The following 3 priorities will help to keep you on track:

1 Re-forecast the budget

Review your half year financial results: do you need to revise your budget expectations and re-forecast to June 30th?

Knowing your numbers is critical. Where are you making good progress?  Where are you falling behind?  Mentor and guide your team through this process of review and learn to understand what the figures are saying, as you drive towards agreed targets.

2 Review Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Assess how the agency is performing against agreed targets. Review your KPIs to ensure that they are still relevant, and provide your team with direction towards achieving corporate goals.

Are there some areas in the business where indicators show that you need some help? Consider extra attention to a couple of areas where the KPIs are weaker.  Does your team need ‘revving’ up, mentoring, training, or perhaps a top-up of external expertise to add value and help to ensure that targets are met?

3 Re-energise the monthly management meeting 

Do you have dates in the diary for the next five months? Send out those management team invites. Perhaps consider inviting an external facilitator to re-fresh your meetings and deliver best practice methodologies and expertise.

Make sure you have all the necessary financial reports. Consider removing reports which are not used, add enhanced visuals to celebrate victories, spotlight areas for improvement, and include ideas and practical steps to achieve goals.

Above all, share information. Talk about victories, challenges and opportunities.  Keep your team focused and bonded, with your organisation’s core objectives ‘top of mind‘.

Take action today and give these last 5 months of the financial year your best shot.  Re-vamp your financial goals and seriously monitor them.

And if you would like to treat yourself to some complimentary business advice – send me a message via Intercom, email or pick up the phone and call me – I’d love the opportunity to help ensure that you have the best year ever.

A quick call might be just what you need to get you there.