How to stand in a position of strength when you are negotiating with a client

By |2017-11-21T13:38:48+11:00May 29th, 2017|Financial tips|

Stand in a position of strength when you negotiate.  Read these great tips from business development expert Jody Sutter of The Sutter Company, New York. Jodie is a highly respected business development expert who designs custom prospecting programs and business development strategies that help companies grow.  Her blog on 'Four common mistakes Ad agencies make [...]

5 Key Performance Indicators for an effective Agency

By |2017-06-12T22:19:33+10:00May 18th, 2017|Financial tips|

What is the point of setting objectives and targets, if you don't have the tools to track them? For any performance indicator to be effective, it needs a target, it needs to be measurable, and ideally it needs to link to the goals of the business. It should give you an insight into the performance and [...]

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