Mind the gap – hit those targets in this next quarter

For this next quarter – establish the key areas in the business which need your focus

A 90 day sprint to reach goals will need you to:

  • Be certain about your current position
  • Reinforce your targets
  • Establish agreed responsibilities and actions for your team

Pick 3 things to focus on in the next quarter, to bring you 3 steps closer to achieving your goals, for example:

  1. Reducing over-servicing by 10%
  2. Increase billable hours by 10%
  3. Initiate a coffee meeting with 3 new prospects

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Cleary state the objectives – make each one a project
  • Describe how you intend to address each objective
  • Delegate ultimate responsibility to a person for each project
  • Agree milestone dates for each phase in the project
  • Develop a reporting format and routine to track progress.
  • Consider implementing a success tracker – to raise any issues early if project is falling behind and likely to fail

KIS – Keep it simple

I recommend a simple KIS recording table, with a few boxes to state the target, actual position, and notes review your current position each month, along with action plan agreed to hit agreed targets.

Would you like some mentoring – a top-up of external expertise to add value and help to ensure that targets are met?

Perhaps consider inviting an external facilitator to re-fresh your meetings and deliver best practice methodologies and expertise.

And if you would like to treat yourself to some complimentary business advice – email or call me – I’d love the opportunity to add value.