KMint Workshop with:

Nicola Mansfield

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COVID has meant we need to change the way we change people. Are the same old products and processes fit for purpose? It’s time to rethink the way we work with clients.

Use design thinking to provide better outcomes for your clients and take a share in the value you’ve created.

Work with your client to devise a model that puts a monetary value on what the client’s creative and commercial priorities, and measure the impact.

This 1 hour KMint workshop with guest speaker Nicola Mansfield will show you how:

  1. The issue – Hourly rate constrains output and perpetuates a master/servant relationship
  2. The solution – Use design thinking to shift the brief and enhance value
  3. The model – Use value-based pricing to take a share of profit
  4. The plan – defining creative and commercial value with your client

Keep the faith by keeping your team informed – mentoring with encouragement and reinforcing goals, with visual dashboards and trackers, at regular monthly meetings to measure and report progress against targets – is the best way to focus and align the team, and keep the momentum going..

If you would like to add some industry expertise, and external objectivity to your budget process, revenue target and reporting routines:  email me or phone me – and let’s get this show on the road!