KMint Webinar with:

Stephen von Muenster, Gavin Bain, and Rick McEvoy

Kathryn presents with guest speaker :

Stephen von Muenster, Partner – von Muenster Legal
Gavin Bain, Managing Director – Wunderman Thompson Perth
Rick McEvoy, Managing Partner – Elmwood

Kathryn with Stephen von Muenster co-present, with cameo contributions from Gavin Bain and Rick McEvoy to share their wisdom and watch-outs, so that you will be fully versed on what you are selling, and how you will sell it. Kathryn provided financial guidelines, Stephen presented the legal aspects, Gavin shared his story of the Meerkats acquisition by Wunderman Thompson, and Rick shared his story of buying Elmwood from the British-based parent company.

  1.  Process
  2.  Exit options
  3.  Valuation
  4.  Data room
  5.  Case studies
    – Acquisition Meerkats/Wunderman Thompson, and Elmwood
    – Management Buy Out – Elmwood


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