KMint Workshop :

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Kathryn presents with guest speaker :

Tim Williams Founding Partner at Ignition Consulting Group

This workshop will show you how to offer a choice of “yes’s” with different combinations of program elements and deliverables keeps the remuneration discussion focused on what clients really buy: outputs and deliverables, not hours and activities.

With international pricing expert Tim Williams demonstrating how agencies around the globe reference his Pricing stack, diversifying their revenue streams with a variety of compensation models, helping your client to select the one which will deliver the most value instead of the hours it takes to do the work.

You will learn how to create and convey the benefits of a value-based pricing model:

1. Buyer psychology
2. Outcomes based compensation model
3. Good, Better, Best compensation model

If you would like to add some industry expertise, and external objectivity to your budget process, revenue target and reporting routines:  email me or phone me – and let’s get this show on the road!