KMint Workshop :

with Ron Baker

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Kathryn presents with guest speaker :

Ron Baker Founder at VeraSage Institute | The Soul Of Enterprise

This webinar will explore:

  1. Motivation – to dump time sheets, 5 great reasons to let them go:
  2. Resistance – Mitigating the hurdles, 4 objections to eliminating timesheets:
    • We need them to price
    • We need them for project management
    • We need them to determine the efficiency of our Team
    • We need them to determine profitability by customer and/or job
  3. Strategy – cold turkey or slow transformation, turning off time sheets
    • Immediately
    • In 90 days

If you would like to add some industry expertise, and external objectivity to your budget process, revenue target and reporting routines:  email me or phone me – and let’s get this show on the road!