KMint Workshop :

with Mark Crowe

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Kathryn presents with guest speaker :

Mark Crowe Managing Director at Brand Finance Australia


Are you thinking about stepping-up your KPIs for your senior managers?

Consider focusing and training them to develop your agency’s bespoke brand-building process, a long term client strategy which encourages strong, well-managed investment, leading to changes in customer perceptions, which in turn leads to improved business performance and shareholder value for your clients.

Perhaps create a new service for your clients, delivering a snapshot, biannual, or dynamic brand strength scorecards – regularly updated to give real-time results from changes in spend or strategy.

This webinar will explore how metrics are used in a brand strength scorecard, justifying your work: marketing spend, awareness, consideration, reputation, NPS, acquisition, retention, market share, volume, and price premium.

Your client is investing in their brand, they expect to see a return in brand equity, and ultimately improved business performance. Learn how you can show them tangible results.

Every year Brand Finance values over 5,000 of the world’s biggest and strongest brands – this is an opportunity to learn from their approach

This webinar will explore:

1. How brand strategy connects marketing information to the financial bottom line
2. Why intangible assets are valuable
3. Brand performance metrics and valuation approaches