Inspire, invest, and mentor your people

Present your half-year results and build momentum for 2023


Boutique agencies offer their teams access and hands-on experience in a wide variety of tasks.

Presenting results of their efforts is key to aligning people to agency goals, keeping everyone focused and inspired to deliver their best performance.

Whilst January and February can be traditionally quiet for some in the industry, it is a prime opportunity to review half-year results and recalibrate for the second half of the financial year; or for those agencies which report on a calendar year – set expectations for 2023.

If you are not sure what to share and who should present – here is an overview of the KMint half-year result program, which seeks to share the presentation across the team.

•    Agency leader – industry (agency and client landscape) outlook
•    Finance lead – Billings and revenue actuals to forecast, and team productivity levels
•    Client leads – Client activity, resourcing, and margins
•    HR – KPI scheme
•    Marketing – online/offline/award strategy

The format of your presentation should reflect your overarching ‘theme’ for the year, perhaps incorporating a tag line and visual theme.

Smart agencies are planning now for a superior 2023 – Reviewing responsibilities, reporting capabilities, along with their frequency of review and action routines.

Share your progress with your team, use this event to educate everyone, create a business reporting routine, to inspire and propel your agency forward.

To give you and your team the best opportunity for a far more successful year – give Kathryn a call.

If you have any niggling questions about what you need in your agency, or know what you want but just don’t have the time to make it happen ……. Take up the KMint 30 minute complementary Finance Guru On Call offer.

KMint has the time and expertise to create bespoke tools which educate your team to ‘see’ and ‘know’ exactly what’s going on, and what they need to do.