Actions speak louder than words

How can you ensure that you grow a profitable and potentially sellable business if you don’t check its performance and instil continual improvement? The answer to this question is simple: you can’t!

Best practice entails a business reviewing its performance every year – learning, tweaking, recalibrating, identifying improvements, efficiency and effectiveness opportunities year on year.

Kathryn has worked with numerous businesses over the years and thoroughly enjoys this annual review – the Agency Audit and Financial Health Check – this is where her deep experience and know-how can revolutionise a business.

A workshop style forensic debate with you and your team – with financial lenses on, Kathryn ‘reads’ your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet Report like a book, analyses your new business pipeline process, delves into client engagement and profitability reporting, advises on industry trends, job management tools, and she will give you a professional opinion and identify opportunities for improvement.

This highly inspiring commercial workshop will stimulate your thinking, challenge the status quo, and stretch everyone in the room to ask: “what else?” and “how can we do it better?”.

Beyond inspiring your team to strive for excellence and go beyond, the outcome of this deep dive workshop is a diagnostic report – a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) report with clear practical action points.

Go further and harness the learnings from this analytical work, and engage Kathryn to ensure that your budget sets the right targets and milestones to guarantee profit and growth.


I thought I knew everything about my agency, but Kathryn’s Agency Audit workshop and post mortem style financial analysis report revealed some ‘holes in my bucket’, and provided a great step by step action plan to train the team to put processes in place to plug the holes.
Managing Director
The Kathryn’s Mint Agency Audit and Financial Analysis Report is a comprehensive immersion program, which we participate in every year – to give us the best chance to review, reflect on our achievements; and to plan and schedule our business improvements and targets for the year ahead.
Finance Director