When it comes to business management, budgeting is crucial. Why? To identify your targets and for monitoring overall business performance. If your budget is weak, incomplete, flawed, or non-existent (!), it can have a detrimental affect on your business’ growth moving forward. There’s a reason it is known as the backbone of any thriving business!

Allow Kathryn to help you with this essential business tool as this is what she does best and here’s how.

She’ll prepare the foundation budget for the business, providing you and your team with clarity and real peace of mind by:

  • Devising and building a profit-guaranteed budget for the year ahead.
  • Ensuring your budget maps to your accounts package format, making comparisons against actual results easy to obtain.

A sound budget is one of the most imperative tools that any business can have on-hand. Future-proof your business today by ordering your budget from KMint now.

Link your budget to the Rate Card project, and secure a robust, easy to use, template to use in the years to come.

And if you are open to setting stretch targets, engage Kathryn to develop your Staff Incentive Program – for your team to ‘own the figures’ and go beyond expected levels towards achieving agreed stretch targets.


Kathryn guided us through the intricacies of building a comprehensive, yet easy to understand budget, which gave us our agency target revenue figure, and individual and team targets. Amazing! We will use this template well into the future.
Finance Controller
I wanted to train my General Manager on how to build the agency budget, and Kathryn’s helped me to do this, in a clear and articulate manner. I am now confident that we have the industry best practice budget tool and the internal know-how to use it.