Finance Guru on call #JUSTDOIT

Want to double-check your complicated sums, seeking a professional opinion or recommendation, discuss and bounce issues with the industry financial expert?

Call Kathryn for a complimentary 30 minute phone session.

Add value to your financial decisions:

  • Check your Billings and Revenue targets – break-even, expected, stretch targets
  • Are my basse cost rates correct?
  • Am I charging enough?
  • How does productivity effect my profit?
  • Agency/Client contracts and terms and conditions
  • What financials should I be including in my monthly management report?
  • What metrics should be on my financial dashboard?
  • How do I set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for my staff?
  • How do I implement a staff bonus/reward scheme?
  • Management Buy-In’s
  • Merge and Acquisition opportunities
  • Exit strategy

Call Kathryn – your financial guru on call on 0415 210 073


When our Aviation client told us that our rates were too high – we called Kathryn, and she provided us with a professional report which we provided to our client, coupled with her expert advice, enabled us to successfully negotiate a win/win agreement with our client.
When a global procurement consultancy, operating on behalf of our Fast Food franchise client, put us through the ringer – we called Kathryn, and she developed a clever strategy which meant that we came out the other end actually better off than we were before!
We wanted to know which job management software would suit our growing agency – so I called Kathryn. She gave us a great rundown of a variety of solutions, their price points, reporting capabilities, and recommended approach and expectations to embark upon such a major transition.
Management Accountant
Six years ago Kathryn put us in touch with our fantastic tax accountant, and so it was Kathryn who I called when I wanted some legal advice about trademarking a logo which we had designed for our client. With deep industry expertise, Kathryn was again able to discuss our specific requirements, industry norms in detail, and then refer us to one of her respected contacts. Thanks again Kathryn.