One way to grow is to merge or acquire another business – is this you? Or do you have plans to sell?

With deep expertise in the valuation arena, and an extensive network of Agencies across Australia – Kathryn will provide you with the financial know how required to value and negotiate a mutually exciting deal, securing clients, key staff, and recognising intellectual property, in a win/win/win agreement.

Kathryn offers a mix of options here, including: hourly rates, fixed fee introductions, and percentage success fee.


Straight talking, with exceptional industry specific understanding, Kathryn was able to introduce us to an agency who acquired us for a fantastic price. The process and her guidance put us in a superior position, and the outcome was far better than we had ever hoped.
Managing Director
What can I say? Other than when I thought my agency was worth nothing …….. Kathryn came along. She reminded me what I had created, inspired me to put my best foot forward, introduced me to an interested party, who then acquired my business for a profit, and secured my key staff and went on to keep delivering awesome work to my clients. Thank you Kathryn.
Managing Director - Advertising Agency
I searched Kathryn out, by asking my counterparts – who could assist me with valuing my agency? Who could understand the value of our little black book of media and supplier contacts? Who has the financial nous to negotiate a great deal, and who has a network of suitable prospects? Kathryn ticks all of those boxes and more.
Managing Director