CFO Meetings – What gets measured, gets managed

Working with numerous businesses and people over the years, Kathryn and her team have concluded – meetings can either be incredibly productive or they can be major time wasters.

Having a set structure in place, the right topics on the agenda, the right people in the room, taking responsibility for their portfolio – your monthly management meeting will be a breeze and far more productive. In many situations, it takes an outsider who’s experienced in teaching managers how to develop a clear and easy to understand financially focused monthly meeting. Ask Kathryn’s clients and they will tell you – it really makes all the difference!

Working alongside you and your team, Kathryn will show you how to create a forum whereby your team will rise to a level of board responsibility reporting on:

  • Client account effectiveness using industry key metrics aligned to the agency’s overall goals.
  • Staff productivity – actual billing rates compared to expectation.
  • Pipeline forecast for the quarter/year ahead.
  • Tricky and unusual matters with a results orientation focus, looking to identify alternative options and optimum deliverables, while working towards an effective solution for all stakeholders.


Despite good intentions, we just didn’t ever really have a proper management meeting, it always seemed like an extended chat fest without much achievement. Until we met Kathryn. Kathryn implemented focused and concise reporting, training the managers on how to present results of their individual portfolios, against targets, and outlook for the quarter ahead. We love our monthly meetings with Kathryn, and all feel that we have matured and the results show that we are excelling.
Managing Director
Preparing and presenting the management meeting with Kathryn by my side as our Finance Director, has given me a huge boost, with intelligent reporting, involving the whole management team, everyone at the table is now more accountable, and to driving us all towards our goals.
Managing Director