Show me, don’t tell me

Show Me The Money – 2021 Mentor Program – When you work with Kathryn, you’ll benefit from working with an industry authority with over 30 years’ worth of experience in the MarComms industry. Kathryn has a long history of helping clients to avoid the major pitfalls and traps in business, showing them industry tried and tested techniques to navigate their way through to higher and more consistent profits.

She’ll work alongside you to tailor the mentoring program to your specific needs. On a one-to-one basis, Kathryn will focus on those all-important financial essentials such as billings, revenue/gross profit margins, divisional costs and net profit targets. You won’t just learn the lingo, you’ll start to understand the ins and outs and what you can do to maximise your earnings, extract and retain profits, and what it takes to engage your team on a whole new level.

If there’s one thing Kathryn firmly believes in, it’s that when it comes to your finances – a ‘show-me-how’ approach via a mentoring style of delivery is the absolutely key to demystify the world of numbers, resulting in newfound clarity and confidence.

Have you read Kathryn’s books yet? Created specifically for the MarComms industry, Kathryn’s books are fully loaded with industry examples, in a visually easy to refer to “How To” guides.


The guidance and mentoring I received from Kathryn, provided me with a clearer scope of how to achieve my dreams and aspirations. The mentoring also made me realise I may need to be a little patient in reaching my goals, reiterating that I should enjoy the journey along the way.
Group Account Director
I feel like I have been more than blessed to have received this invaluable mentoring from Kathryn. Her time, coaching and belief in me has definitely been a positive experience.
Account Manager
Kathryn has been a wonderful person to meet. She has so much enthusiasm for her work, valuable experience and a keen sense for cutting through the issues. She has made financial management something that I am keenly interested in rather than a total bore that I can’t bare to look at.
Managing Director