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  • Revenue Model Value and Time

    Revenue Models

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    A lot of work goes into creating successful intellectual property (IP) brand assets and marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many of the millions of ideas and thousands of hours invested each year, are not sold for a price which reflects the value delivered. In fact, many agencies say that the hourly rate pricing method is not the right model; and their clients often agree, as they try to reduce hours and push rates down. BUT, there are a few really important, easy to use techniques, that can make a difference to the way you commercialise your IP and services.   See Kathryn in action at Mumbrella360 delivering the content of this booklet - showing you how to create a revenue model based on the value of outputs, rather than your people’s time.
  • Trade mark law gives owners of marks legal protection against confusion of similar marks, eliminating unfair competition in marketing their goods and services, and to protect their goodwill. Consumers also benefit by being able to rely on source and quality of the brand promise made to them.   This ebook is a scholarly paper written by Kathryn Williams for the Harvard University Intellectual Property course, which receiving a ten out of ten grading.
  • This booklet will show you how to value and price your ideas and services.

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