Asset Creation & Revenue Generation

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Webinar series:

  1. Nicola Mansfield - | 23rd February | Break the brief and 10x your business
  2. Sam Trattles- | 30th March | Negotiate your worth - Don’t leave money on the table
  3. Justin Senescall | 27th April | Intellectual property - assets are your competitive advantage
  4. Matt Hayward - | 25th May | Power to the jingle - creating original music for brands
  5. Jody Sutter - | 29th June | Growth strategies for small agencies
  6. Sharon Toerek - | 27th July | Next Level - Protect Proprietary IP & Monetize your creative assets
  7. Stephen von Muenster, Gavin Bain, Rick McEvoy - | 31st August | Pass the baton - be ready, know how much, and how to do the deal
  8. Tim Williams, and Ron Baker - | date to be announced | Agency Value Council and death of the time sheet

#7 Webinar | Pass the baton

- be ready, know how much, and how to do the deal

Tuesday 31st August 2021 11:00am-12noon AEST

Kathryn presents with guest speaker :

Stephen von Muenster, Partner - von Muenster Legal Gavin Bain, Managing Director - Wunderman Thompson Perth Rick McEvoy, Managing Partner - Elmwood

In this webinar Kathryn has invited Stephen von Muenster to co-present, with cameo contributions from Gavin Bain and Rick McEvoy to share their wisdom and watch outs, so that you will be fully versed on what you are selling, and how you will sell it. Stephen will present the legal aspect, Kathryn will provide practical financial guidelines, Gavin will share his story of the Meerkats acquistion by Wunderman Thompson, and Rick shares his story of buying Elmwood from their British based parent company. A unique and rare opportunity for you to skill up, get excited, and be prepared. This webinar will explore the topic of :
  1.  Process
  2.  Exit options
  3.  Valuation
  4.  Data room
  5.  Case studies - Acquisition Meerkats/Wunderman Thompson, and Elmwood - Management Buy Out - Elmwood
  Stephen von Muenster Stephen von Muenster Stephen von Muenster is a practicing solicitor and Partner at von Muenster Legal, a specialist technology, media, and communications firm based in Surry Hills, New South Wales. Stephen has specialised in advertising, communications, marketing, and media law since 1995. He has developed a keen interest in emerging technologies, media, and the interactive and digital mediascape. He also regularly presents at CommsCon, Mumbrella 360 and other Mumbrella events. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney and UTS from time to time and is regularly asked for comment by the media and to judge industry awards.   gavin bain Gavin Bain Gavin Bain is charged with leading the success of the 50 strong team at Wunderman Thompson Perth, and is responsible for relationship management, growth and the ongoing development of staff. With over 20 years in senior roles at creative agencies, and 15 years in client side roles, Gavin has led the evolution of businesses from advertising to integrated growth consultancies in the communications space. He is a career marketing professional who is passionate about strategy and creativity. Gavin is also a Board member of the Cancer Council WA and the Advertising Institute of Australia.   Rick-McEvoy Rick McEvoy Rick McEvoy, managing partner of the Melbourne brand design consultancy Elmwood, have completed a management buyout from the UK-based parent company. Rick together with his co-managing partner, Kate Richardson have effectively run the Melbourne studio independently within the group for the last couple of years, so they are perfectly credentialled to assume full managerial control of the operations.