Brave Money®

If you are running a department, own a business, are quoting and negotiating with clients – you need to be friends with a topic called: Money!

Consider these questions:

  • If you could be brave with your money, what would this do for you and your business?
    • Find out how do you recognize your brave
    • What motivates you to be brave
    • What stops you from being brave
    • Money Values – Where did they come from?
  • If your financial reports were working for you, and not against you, what would you do?
    • Explaining key terminology
    • Exploring key financial measures
    • The cost of time
    • Assess your sell price
    • Commercialising ideas

Invest a day with us: Kathryn Williams and Shirley Reeder.

Kathryn will demystifying the figures, and Shirley will help you discover how brave you actually are, and together we together we will assist you to create a 90 day plan to capitalize your intellectual property and the impact you deliver to your clients.



Online : $3K+GST
On Stage : $5K+GST plus travel (Travel pricing will be discussed depending on location)




Shirley helps organisations by bringing people together, where they are inspired and challenged to consider how they can be brave in their strategy and their leadership. She is called into the early stages of multi-million, or multi-billion dollar projects (across Australia and New Zealand) where she is asked to ‘set the team up for success.’

Shirley’s passion is to help individuals and teams discover their brave, and then do something with it. Her clients invite her ‘into the room’ because they say she can ‘sense an opportunity and knows when to challenge,’ helping them to achieve courageous outcomes.

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