Sell Your Ideas™

In a terrific setting, you will enjoy plenty of direct Q&A time with Kathryn.

Enhancing your teams professional abilities, not only develops your talent, but will also grow your bottom line.

Using the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach, Kathryn will up-skill your team to become professional sellers, who know how to commercialise the value you deliver.

Kathryn is an expert presenter and keynote speaker whose presentations are filled with memorable industry anecdotes and practical examples which will live in your team’s armory – valuable reference for years to come.

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Online : $1K+GST
On Stage : $3K+GST plus travel (Travel pricing will be discussed depending on location)




Your BIG IDEA will serve your well if you understand how to #ownit, #valueit, and #commercialiseit

Brand is the most powerful intangible asset, like signposts – brand provides clarity and guidance for choices made by consumers, companies, investors, and other stakeholders.

Working with hundreds of creative agencies over 30 years, and with the recent rise of innovation hubs, it remains Kathryn’s mission to help these businesses establish routine discipline to formally recognise, value and protect their BIG IDEAS.

This keynote is specifically designed for business owners, their senior creative and client service team, and financial pricing officers.



In this presentation, Kathryn illustrates that the true value behind a brand is the idea itself. Intellectual property is the backbone of well-known brands such as Nike, Angry Birds, home-grown UGG, Megan Gale’s Isola, and Boost Juice.

With increasing awareness about intellectual property and at least 40 ways to compute the value of intangible assets. – Kathryn will show you how to create a commercial model to recognise your most valuable assets.


Commercial advantage

Demonstrating and discussing practical steps to ensure that your idea is protected, and exploring the alternative commercialisation modes. Kathryn engages her audience, with stimulating debate, as light bulbs pop and pennies drop.

If you are in the business of ideas, then this keynote is for you. – learn how the best in the world sell their ideas, and how you can too!


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