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How To Sell Your Ideas™

With increasing awareness as to how valuable Intellectual Property is, and at least 40 ways to compute the value of Intangible Assets –  your BIG IDEA will serve your well if you understand how to #ownit, #valueit, and #commercialiseit.

Ideas bring brands to life, and executed brilliantly: you may end up with a CANNES Lion. It is worth noting the increase of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) attending CANNES, the clever ones are now tracking the direct link to creative excellence, leading to increased sales, and company growth.

Yet, working with hundreds of agencies for over 30 years, it remains a curiosity to Kathryn as to why the industry has no discipline to formally recognise, value and protect intellectual property.

In this half day professional development workshop, Kathryn will share practical steps to ensure that your team is educated and able to answer these five key questions:

  1. What intellectual property are we creating?
  2. How do we ensure that we own it?
  3. How do we put a value on our ideas?
  4. How do we commercialise our intangible assets?
  5. How do we create an Intangible Asset Mangement System?

This workshop is ideal for: Business owners, general managers, senior account service, and the finance team.

Book your early bird ticket and reserve your seat:


SYDNEY - Tuesday 16th October, 9am - 1pm

Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney.


MELBOURNE - Tuesday 23rd October, 9am - 1pm

Gallery IV, The Olsen, 637-641 Chapel Street, South Yarra.



Take advantage of the special EARLY BIRD RATE of $540 until midnight 23rd September 2018.  After the cut-off date all tickets are $600.

Or book the KMint Combo for a 20% discount when purchasing both 1/2 day workshops: How to Sell Your Ideas and Show Me The Money.

Temporarily unavailable

Show Me The Money®


Due to covid concerns, group workshops are currently paused. However, if you would like to run this workshop via zoom - please get in touch.

Show Me the Money is the only financial training workshop for the MarComms industry in Australia. It’s designed specifically for innovative and creative businesses - from public relations, communications, marketing, experiential, through to design, advertising, and brand agencies.

The workshop is designed to provide you and your team with extensive insight, expertise, and practical tools in regards to the financial side of running an agency.

The four key topics covered in this half day workshop are:

  1. Revenue targets
  2. Value Based Pricing
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Key Performance Objectives

This workshop is ideal for: Business owners, general managers, senior account service, and the finance team.

This is a public multi-agency workshop - buy your seat tickets here.

Alternatively, you may like to consider running a private in-house single agency event - Get in touch to find out more

This product is currently unavailable.

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