Keynote – Rate Card™

$ 1.000 + GST

Kathryn will show you and your team how to create an up to date rate card.

Enhancing your teams professional abilities, not only develops your talent, but will also grow your bottom line.

Using the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach, Kathryn will up-skill your team to ensure you have the right rates and a sustainable process to ensure a profitable agency which commercialises value.

Kathryn is an expert presenter and keynote speaker whose presentations are filled with memorable industry anecdotes and practical examples which will live in your team’s armory – valuable reference for years to come.

Click here to see Kathryn in action – from the soon to be published KMint Profit Academy online course.

KATHRYN WILLIAMS – Speaker Brochure




Your Rate Card will serve you well if you understand how your #cost, #sell, and #valueadd


Best run agencies typically have a strong understanding of their cost and sell rates, and billings per head. These business critical rates make all the difference to a profitable agency.



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