Show Me The Money®

Show Me the Money® is Kathryn’s signature keynote.

You may be brilliant at ‘doing’ the business, but if the figures don’t make sense, you won’t make the profits you deserve. This keynote will turn financial understanding into your competitive advantage.

Industry best practice, tips and techniques from successful international and local agencies to help you develop clarity – budgets, rate cards, value based pricing, benchmarks, management reporting, and Key Performance Indicators, to stimulate and focus your team on the numbers that matter.

Created for businesses selling their time and intellectual property. Innovative, creative businesses – from public relations, communications, marketing, experiential, through to design, advertising, and brand agencies.


  1. Best practice – best in the world, and benchmaking
  2. Agency budget – revenue and profit targets
  3. Pricing – Hourly rates, and value-based compensation models
  4. Management reporting – key agency metrics, and dashboard reporting
  5. Key Performance Objectives – focus, recognise and reward your team

Professional development for your team – empower them to be the best they can be.

Audience members will leave with extensive insight, expertise, and practical tools in regards to the financial side of running an agency.


Show Me The Money® is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day program.

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Real results:

  • A PR agency added 10% profit to it’s bottom line within 1 year.
  • An design agency implemented a KPI scheme and rewarded its staff with a share of the additional 5% profits generate.
  • A Finance Manager was recognised for her dashboard and automated reporting with a promotion and 20% pay rise.
  • A Senior Account Manager in a communications agency was promoted to Group Account Director to create a new Events division – by presenting the proposed budget, pricing, KPIs and dashboard report.


Comments from previous audience members:

Show Me The Money is Gold! Kathryn is straight talking and completely relevant to our industry. John Speers, General Manager – DDI

Show Me The Money is a great workshop – filled with real examples delivered in an entertaining style. Kathryn is inspiring as she builds clarity and understanding of complex subjects– so now I understand it and can do it too! Sarah Salkild, Operations Director – The White Agency

Kathryn’s take on the advertising industry and ways to safeguard your business is particularly useful and poignant.  Show Me The Money has prepared me for the year ahead and has given me tips that I will be using in my financial planning well into the future”. Liz Weeks, General Manager – The Face Euro RSCG

Show Me The Money is a real eye opener. Kathryn’s industry knowledge, generates discussion and a deeper understanding of how each person can significantly contribute to business success.  Many of our team who had not previously been exposed to the financial side of the business are now keen to take on more financial responsibility and do things smarter.  Our CEO and CFO are delighted with the results. Heather Kirk – HR Director | Adcorp


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