Show Me The Money® – AUGUST 2024 – Early bird offer

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hosted by Kathryn Williams | Financial Soul Mate®


An intense half-day workshop to get granular on agency financial performance:

Global best practice | Industry benchmarks | Financial frameworks



TIME:   8:30am – 1pm

Melbourne – Tuesday 6th August, 2024 –  FULLY BOOKED!

Brisbane – Thursday 8th August, 2024 –  FULLY BOOKED!

Sydney – Friday 9th August, 2024 –  FULLY BOOKED!



Agency Leadership – a complete framework to achieve business targets.

This workshop will show  you exactly what your agency needs to do to deliver financial success.


  1. Financial strategy – budget, rolling forecasts, pipeline tracker
  2. Pricing policy – benchmarks, rates, value, business terms
  3. Management reporting – Performance tracking and Key Performance Indicators


Book your seat and receive your welcome pack, including:


KMint booklets

  • Markup and Margin – the $250,000 question
  • How to Value and Price Ideas and Services
  • Trademark
  • Revenue Models – Value and Time, Inputs and Impact


Show Me The Money® Templates:

  • Pipeline tracker with visual progress charts
  • Financial dashboard with visual trackers


Complimentary consult with Kathryn before the workshop.


BOOK NOW to receive the early bird ticket price.

If you attended the KMint Profit Academy Dial It Up event in March:

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Show Me The Money! is the leading financial training for creative agencies, communications and public relations, design, events, marketing, advertising and media agencies.

In this workshop, Kathryn focuses on industry best practice, tips, and techniques from successful international and local agencies to help you develop clarity and build a profit guaranteed budget, accurate cost and sell rates, supported by team Key Performance Indicators, which will stimulate and focus your team to grow your business.

Train your team, and empower them to be the best they can be.



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