Show Me The Money® Women In Finance Mentor Program

The Show Me the Money Women In Fiance Mentor Program is specifically designed for the Australian MarComms industry – innovative and creative businesses, from public relations, communications, marketing, experiential, through to design, advertising, and brand agencies.

With Kathryn by your side for 10 weeks, the mentor program will provide you with extensive insight, expertise, and best practice templates, via 10 one-on-one sessions, you will develop your own proprietary financial programs to turn your financial management into your competitive advantage.

Depending on time zone and location, this online program can be delivered in a mix of online and in person, and is ideal for: women in the finance team.





Since 2007, Show Me The Money has been the leading financial training for creative agencies, public relations, design, events, marketing, digital, communications and advertising.

In the Show Me The Money Women In Finance Mentor Program, Kathryn works with you one-on-one, focusing on industry best practice, tips, and techniques from successful international and local agencies to help you develop clarity and build a profit guaranteed budget, accurate cost and sell rates, Key Performance Indicators, and management reports which will take your business performance to the next level.

There are 10 modules of an hour each:

  1. Budget – profit guaranteed
  2. Forecast – rolling monthly reporting
  3. Revenue Tracker – new business gap, and rolling targets
  4. Productivity – benchmarks and actuals
  5. Rate Card – standard agency cost and sell rates
  6. Benchmarks – know where you stand, and take it to the next level
  7. Pricing Strategy – 12 remuneration modules
  8. Contracts – Client, Employees, Freelancers, Licensing Intellectual Property
  9. Client Profitability – dashboard reporting
  10. Management Reports – Key Performance metrics, sprints and dynamic plans

KMint industry best practice templates included.

Be the best that you can be.



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10 x 1 hour sessions


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