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In this keynote Kathryn will show you how the best agencies increase the bottom line.

Pricing is a core strategic discipline of all businesses – invest in your management team, those who are empowered to prepare price quotes and negotiate with your clients.

Using the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach, Kathryn will up-skill your team to become professional sellers, who know how to commercialise the value you deliver.

Kathryn is an expert presenter and keynote speaker whose presentations are filled with memorable industry anecdotes and practical examples which will live in your team’s armory – valuable reference for years to come.

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Online : $1K+GST
On Stage : $3K+GST plus travel (Travel pricing will be discussed depending on location)


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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

Warren Buffett


One of the keys to generating higher revenue is to learn all you can about pricing.

Dedicate as much time towards your pricing strategy as you do analysing your costs, so that you and your team become savvy pricing experts.

Don’t limit yourself to the hourly rate model used in the sea of sameness by so many in the service sector. Being paid by the hourly rate has taught your clients to think about the price, not the quality and results of your output. Instead, familiarise yourself with a variety of alternative remuneration options which focuses on the value of the impact rather than the time it took you.

The Value Pricing Wheel® presentation will expose you to the art of Value-Based Pricing (VBP), showing you how to define your value proposition, referencing: twelve remuneration models, creative and financial valuation frameworks, supported by global best practice case studies.

This presentation will leave you smiling as you have multiple light bulb moments, and leave the room inspired to share your learnings with your team, and get busy implementing exciting new value pricing models to deliver increased revenue for your business.


Kathryn will expose you to new alternatives, and show you how to set and manage a best practice value-based pricing policy, to give you the edge.

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