2021 KMint webinars

Nuggets of gold – learn from and speak with global industry authorities

Webinar series:

    1. Nicola Mansfield | 23 February | Consultative mindset to drive business growth
    2. Sam Trattles | 30 March | Author of I Love Negotiating
    3. Justin Senescall | 27 April | Intellectual property assets are your competitive advantage
    4. Matt Hayward -| 29 May|Creating original music for brands
    5. Jody Sutter | 29 June | Growth strategies for small agencies
    6. Alicia Beachley | 27 July | Making great ideas happen


#2 Webinar | Negotiate your worth – don’t leave money on the table

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Kathryn presents with:

Sam Trattles Commercial Deals Negotiator at Other Side of the Table

Sam Trattles has built a career around negotiating – through marketing, brand, and sponsorship roles over the last 20 years.

In her business, Other Side of the Table, she builds negotiation capability and confidence in your people, by creating negotiation strategies that deliver positive business results. Unlocking the value in all your deals.

As a Commercial Deals Negotiator, Sam loves negotiating, she even wrote the book on it –  I Love Negotiating: Change your thinking and learn to get what you want. A practical guide to transform your approach to negotiating, with a framework to help you conduct good negotiations every time.

Sam has negotiated, leveraged, and delivered partnerships worth more than $450M. Deals across industries including: sport, music, the arts, not-for-profit, and grassroots.

Sam is a straight shooter, she is practical and likes to share her knowledge to help others learn to love negotiating (or at least, not to hate it). Because it’s worth a great deal.

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2021 co-presenters:


Justin Senescall principal at Seneworth Legal Partners


Matt Hayward founder of Music Brief


Jody Sutter owner of The Sutter Company, New York


Alicia Beachley Owner & Agency Principal of April5 Brand Activation Agency




#1 Webinar | Break the brief and 10x your business

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Kathryn presented with guest speaker:

Nicola Mansfield Chief Thinker at TheDesignThinkers:

Use design thinking to provide better outcomes for your clients and take a share in value creation.

CoVid has meant we need to change the way we change people. Are the same old products and processes fit for purpose? It’s time to rethink the way we work with clients.

  1. The issue – Hourly rate constrains output and perpetuates a master/servant relationship.
  2. The solution – Use design thinking to enhance the outcome and shift the brief.
  3. The model – Use value-based billing to take a share of profit decoupled from hourly rate
  4. The plan – defining creative and commercial value for your client

Introducing: Nicola Mansfield

Nicola Mansfield is one of Australia’s leading brand and experience strategic creative thinkers.

Over her career, Nicola has pioneered numerous agency services for customer experience, retail strategy, workplace strategy and brand for place. She has built offerings in professional service consultancies, led agencies, created client-side brand functions and founded startups. She has worked across most sectors including place, retail, property and financial. She has worked extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe.

In response to emerging business needs in a pandemic world Nicola founded TheDesignThinkers helping you to create customer-first business solutions for brand and experience in a lean, agile way.


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