Everyone has a role to play in this game

From the CEO to the work experience and bookkeeping team – communicating with your marketplace, developing new business leads, on-boarding new clients, renewing and re-energising existing clients are all essential skills needed to run a successful agency.

There are times when you need a little bit of outside help and perspective in order to elevate your business to the next level – Jumpstart your business development process, with a fresh approach – train your team to understand ‘expected’ and ‘stretch’ targets, and excite them with renewed energy and show them how they can make a difference.

Kathryn believes that when it comes to developing new business: everyone in the agency has a role to play. Armed with over three decades’ worth of experience in the MarComms sector, Kathryn will work with you to:

  • Create a Sales Pipeline and Prospect Strategy to grow your business – looking at historic facts to build a baseline, business development investment policy, and Return On Investment (ROI) expectations.
  • Revitalise your business with a new business tactics integrated into every person’s job description, with everyone across the agency, working in synergy to generate leads, court prospects, secure and nurture happy clients who renew their contracts.
  • Provide you with best practice industry standards documents pack including: Non-disclosure Agreement, Letter of Agreement, Business Terms and Conditions, Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Understanding and a Service Level Agreement.

And, if you need some extra financial negotiation skills on your side, Kathryn will work with you and your team, engage in negotiations with your clients, their procurement departments, and financial team; giving you the best chance to secure a win-win Agreement.


Fantastic! Now the team have a simple, easy to use report, which captures all forms of revenue per client, per month, with probability rankings. We can now confidently see the year in advance, with confidence in the numbers, and our new business routine.
Group Account Director
The whole team loved learning how to court prospects using Kathryn’s authentic approach, engaging everyone, at all levels to identify and systemise holistic involvement, so that we now have a perpetual new business function.
Managing Director